The Sims Mobile Currency Types to Know them Better

the sims mobile currency types

If you are curious about the currency used in the sims mobile, then don’t worry now! Here we are bring you with all the sims mobile currency types and their uses in the game.

In recent times one of the popular games is The Sims Mobile, and millions of gamers are spending time on it. The game is giving lots of fun with life simulator, and we can meet with worldwide players.

The game is for both android and IOS devices. It is a full pack of adventures and fun with many new things and the player can build an amazing home and decorate it with multiple things.

You are playing the role of Sims and interact with more characters. Expand your love life with new partners and go on a romantic date.

The game is easy for everyone, and we no need to pay any single amount of real money for playing it. Interested users can quickly download it by playstore or official game website.

Here Is a Complete The Sims Mobile Currency Introduction And Types For You

Check out all the currencies you can use in the sims mobile game in order to progress faster as well as make it convenient to play.

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Types of Currencies in The Sims Mobile:

Currency plays a very significant role in your success, so you should not neglect it. In the game, four kinds of currencies are used, and here they are named Simcash, Simoleons, tokens, and tickets.

All are beneficial for improving our skills in the game. New users must read all the details about how to use it in the game.



The Simcash is a premium currency for us, and it is for purchasing a good amount of Simoleons. The players can get Simcash by spending a real amount of money.

The gameplay is also a fine option for buying Simcash. We can also grab currency by leveling up, finish some daily tasks, and join several quests.



The Simoleons is a basic currency for many Sims games, and in the beginning, we will receive around 100 free Simoleons.

Everyone wants a big amount of currency, but it is not as easy as you think. You have to attention at daily challenges. The players will get more currency by attending a few parties and spend time on hobbies.



The tokens are an important currency to buy special things in the gameplay. Some kinds of boosters are also used to speed up the performance of your Sims.

Tokens are not a purchasable currency, and we can only get it by playing in tasks. They come with different types like relationship tokens, career tokens, hobby tokens, and party tokens.

The users have to active on each activity to earn all of them.



Tickets are identical with tokens, and it is used in the latest version of the game. You will get it in the form of rewards and used them for upgrading the Sims.

We can store it by watching ads, finish some tasks and more ways or buy it with the store. The tickets are also dividing into many forms, so we need to collect all of them for wining in the game.

You can spend all kinds of currencies for improvements in the game, but you have to store a sufficient amount of it for useful things. The players can also track all spending activities and cut down some useless things.