My Story Hacks to Earn Big Amount of Diamonds in the Game Legally

My Story Hacks

There are lots of My Story Hacks available online to earn lots of free diamonds and other game resources but lots of them are fake and scams.

If you want to learn the real methods, hacks or cheats to earn free diamonds legally, then read this article to its full length and by the end, you will know real hacks for the game.

Most of us are spending time on huge numbers of video games and nowadays one of the famous games is My Story: Choose Your Own Path.

The game is all about life simulator, and we will get great fun with different lives. There are lots of stories for playing, and we need to read all chapters to win in the game.

The main objective of the game is gaining fame with many tasks and challenges. Spend time with beautiful partners and go on a romantic date at stunning locations.

Anyone can install it by Google store or official website, and it is free to download.

Currency is an important part of the game, and we must know about all things. There are two different currencies that are diamonds and tickets.

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Both are beneficial for buying new tools for effective play. Diamonds are specially designed for purchasing new outfits, fashions by the online store.

Getting currency is not an easy task in the game, and for some amount of it, we need to complete various tasks. Here is a list of complete tasks to earn free diamonds from the game listed on that you can use.

Moreover, for the best my story hacks, use below mentioned 4 major cheats in your gameplay.

My Story Hacks – 4 Major Cheats to Earn Free Diamonds

Some of the players prefer to hack with The My Story Hack, but it is not a worthy way for it. Such tools are not reliable, and they have some adverse effects on your gameplay.

The players should avoid this hack tool and go in a few ways that can be helpful for an unlimited amount of currency.

Read More Chapters 

Read Chapters

Each story consists of many kinds of chapters and read them for earning high. Such chapters are very interesting because they are various leading characters for going forward.

Attend some kinds of parties to interact with more new users, and every chapter has some amount of currency for us.

By Leveling Up In the Game 

The game has many levels, so you should complete them for gaining a high amount of currency. A lack of currency is decreasing our performance.

Each level up us will receive some amount of diamonds. If you are new on the game, then you do not feel worried about currency because the free currency is easy to access.

Attach With a Social Account 

My Story Social Account

The gamer can begin with a social account and follow us on Facebook and different websites. In the social account, some weekly prizes and gifts are available for you.

Wait for some new updates to achieve a handsome amount of rewards.

Promotional Events and Videos 

The game wants to more popular in a short time, so various promotional events are going there. Such events are related to the gameplay so you can easily play in it.

Ads videos are flashing on display, and we should watch them for free links of currency. Videos are also helpful for unlocking various gears and fashions accessories.

The internet is full of numerous smart methods like My Story cheats, but they are not authentic for each player.

You will be in problem by selecting these smart tools, so stick with only the gameplay for currency.