Bloons TD Battles Guide for Beginners to Progress Game and Win the Battle

Bloons TD Battles Guide

Bloons TD Battles is an amazing game, and the developers have made many game editions before, and they were also popular and editions of the franchise.

Bloons TD Battles is a highly competitive game where players need to defend the tower and attack on the enemy’s base tower.

It’s the face of the game, and in this, players need to fight with each and defend at the same time.

Balloons and monkey are the two main factors in the game that players need to upgrade and use to defeat the enemy.

It’s a strategy game where players need to use their plans and skills to be a winner. In the mobile gaming industry, so many strategy games are available, but Bloons TD Battles are one of a kind and special game.

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Every gamer who loves to play strategy and action game, they should try it to play. If you are just beginning to play Bloons TD Battles, then I have this important bloons td battles guide for you that you can follow to win the game.

Bloons TD Battles Guide for Beginners

Players need to defend the tower in Bloons TD Battles, and The Tack Shooter is just a first tower of the game, and players have full access to this first tower.

It is true that it is the weakest tower of the game because, in the beginner, it is not fully upgraded.

Players need to upgrade the tower of the game, and in the game, players need to upgrade at least 4th tower.

More you can do any time but reach at least 4th as soon as possible in the game. Learn how to upgrade and progress in the game fast using several in-game cheats mentioned on portal.

Defending From Balloons

Players need to defend themselves from the balloons, and they can also control the balloon to defeat the enemy as well.

Como balloons are the most problem creator balloon, and to defend from them, players need to upgrade the monkeys.

Monkeys are the key to winning the game, and they need to be upgraded to shoot the balloons. In order to shoot the Como balloons, players need to be accurate, and it will lead the player to the winning side.

In the game, the monkey is in several types, some are in the canon, and some are the ninja.

Their major task in the game is to shoot the balloons and defend the tower. For the beginning level player to face the normal balloons and to blast them, players need to use the canons instead of the ninja monkey.

Canons for Balloons

Most of the time player uses the canon to shoot the balloons, and it is because it is much effective to blast the enemy.

Apart from all these guides, there is one more thing that every player needs to keep in mind, and it is strategy.

To win the game strategy matters a lot, and it needs to be perfect and accurate for killing the opponent. Every player who plays the game they use strategy and you need to use it as well.