《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - Mr. One Hundred

The other recruit who woke up looked around nervously for a bit but eventually calmed down and followed suit with the two other conscious people and waited.

They were seated near Leo and had dark brown hair; they wore nice clothes as well. They pulled out a little puzzle and started solving it slowly. This was because the students all had their devices temporarily confiscated.

Eventually, the rest of the class started waking up. Most slowly woke up unlike Leo and the other student, but there were exceptions here and there. As people woke up, they started talking to each other to rid themselves of their boredom.

Leo sat quietly reading to himself, for the time being, he thought about talking but the teacher seemed to be reaching a boiling point. The reason why was simple, the chattering had kept growing in volume until it was difficult to hear even ones thoughts.

As the final students woke up, Ethan stood and spoke for the first time since the earlier mumbles.

”Everyone shut your goddamn mouths. ” It wasn loud, but it had an indescribable presence that sent chills down the backs of everyone in the class. The proceeding silence was palpable.

He walked over to the chalkboard in the center of the class and stood at it, fixing his glasses. He picked up a fresh piece of chalk and wrote, creaking clacks in the previously silent room.

On the board it read:

Ethan Burns

General Studies, Homeroom

Ethan turned and looked at all the students.

”Today was just supposed to be some introductions and explanations, especially about the humans here and why you
e referred to as blank slates. As well as the process to make the humans here into demons. But now Im a little pissed. Have some consideration for your classmates and be quieter when you
e having a conversation. I don mind talking in this class, its good for building comradery, but at least be quiet about it.

”So instead, well be doing your pretest. I need to see what you all know. Humans, none of you are exempt, I don expect any of you to do well, but, then again, I don expect anyone in here to do well except demon royals or demons in military families. Afterwards, Ill explain all that stuff from before. ”

He spoke into a mic on his desk and a few moments later a few assistants walked out from a door and started to hand out papers. Eventually, Leo got his paper and he looked at it.

Question 1.

You find yourself on a sinking boat along with multiple other passengers. You all make it to a small spare boat for emergencies. It is the only boat available. Taking the boat to the water, you find another passenger in the water, but the boat you currently sit on is filled to the brim. There is absolutely no way the swimming passenger can fit, and they won be able to survive for much longer. What do you do?

A. Let the passenger drown and escape on the boat, searching for land or any other boats that can help.

B. Sacrifice your spot and let them onto the boat.

C. Force another passenger to give up their spot on the boat.

D. Kill the drowning passenger to put them out of their misery.

Leos eyes widened after reading the question and unbeknownst to him, his eyebrows raised on their own as well. He quickly read through the other questions, and they were the same. Hypothetical questions placing the test taker in horrible situations and asking them to fix them. But all the answers were the same, they were bad choices.

Some of course were better than others, but Leo still considered them wrong answers, even though they might seem right. Taking question one, for example, D was just a bad answer. C has some merit, but its the worst out of A, B, and C. A seems like a practical answer and B seems like a selfless answer. But Leo thought they were both very wrong.

It was simple why he thought this way, it was because there was a correct answer for all of the situations, it just wasn listed on the test. Leo wrote his name at the top of the paper and started scribbling away, answering the questions instead of circling the various choices presented to him. After around an hour, he got up and handed in his paper. Most students handed it in before him, instead just choosing to circle answers.

But there were a few like Leo who were instead writing. The reason it took him so long was due to him trying to find the best answers given the situation and it also took him some time to write it all out.

Ethan took the paper and upon seeing all the written answers, he slightly smirked. He placed it to the side on the pile of tests and continued grading the test he had in front of him.

Eventually, all the tests were handed in and he kept grading. He spoke into the same mic from before and an assistant walked into the room. She went over to him, and he spoke quietly to her, she nodded and walked to the front of the class.

”Hello class, my name is Olivia. Im one of the teaching assistants that youll be seeing throughout the year. ” She bowed slightly and continued, ”Mr. Burns has requested that while he grades your tests, I explain to you what he was supposed to, in his stead.

”As many of you are aware, most of the students in this class are humans. You all have applied to join the ranks of the demons and have been accepted. This next lesson is for the humans, but its best for all of you to listen up.

”All of the humans, as well as any half-bloods, in this room are something we refer to as a blank slate. These are people who can be swayed by angelic or demonic blood. ” She looked around the room as she spoke. Her eyes darted to various faces before moving along, never outstaying their welcome.

”Since you are here to become demons and join our ranks, ” she was speaking specifically to the humans, ”you all must be injected by demonic blood. Once injected youll go dormant for about a week, sleeping. This is something that happens to demons and half-bloods when they are born. When they are born, their bodies aren accustomed to their soul realm, which will be explained later. So, they have to go dormant while their body adapts, weve dubbed this the adaptation period, although it is also called the dormancy period sometimes. Most newborns have to do it for six months, the longer it takes, the stronger the soul realm. Don worry though, the one week for blank slates is only so short because your bodies are all grown up. Its easier and less strenuous on your bodies to adapt to your soul realm since you
e grown up. ”

She looked at Leo for a moment and said, ”And for the half-bloods, its very important to never, ever, inject angelic blood or demonic blood into your bodies. You all are automatically blank slates, but it is more a curse for you all. ”

She looked at the entire classroom for a moment and said, ”Unlike humans, demons, or angels, the balance of a half-blood is very fragile. If this balance is ever thrown off, severe consequences will happen, resulting in death. ”

A human student raised their hand. Seeing this, the assistant nodded at them, they then spoke up, ”Miss, whats a half-blood? ”

”Oh, silly me, sorry, I forgot to mention. ” The assistant shook her head and laughed. ”A half-blood is specifically a child of a demon and an angel. If a human has a child with a demon or angel, the child will become a demon or angel, depending on whichever the human, um, sleeps with. So, half-bloods are exclusively those born between demons and angels. I hope that answers you
e question. ”

The student nodded.

Ethan stood up, ”There are only two half-bloods in this class. Ive finished grading the tests, you can stop now Olivia, thank you, just wait here. There are also 35 demons and 62 humans. Our class consists of a hundred students. ”

A quick-witted student tilted their head in confusion and put their hand up.

”Yes? ”

”Thats only 99. ”

”I know. And that brings us up to our next lesson! Mathias! ” Ethan pointed to Leo in the middle of the classroom, ”What was the last thing I asked you