《The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY》[The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY] - The Azzo Clan

”We are one of the members of the Azzwang tribe, but the truth is our ancestor is a Ramirez clan. The tribal leader forced us to marry in their faith in order to commit evil deeds. Mary is the daughter of my youngest sister woman Aurora Ramirez. We brought Mary, in the hope that we would live differently from them. But, the power of Azzwang is with us all along. We could not distance ourselves from their faith, so, we attended their usual ritual every full month in the cave of the Azzwangs. We are ready to change this faith if you can help us, James. We know that Mary is opposed to our faith because we know that he already knows. We will follow you James whatever you want us to do. ” Daniel told them.

”Okay, tomorrow you will attend the examination of the symbol on your naked body. Daniel, can you tell me where this Azzwang cave is? ”

”Yes James I will. ”

James and Daniel leave to go to the cave of the Azzwang Clans, while, Brando and Mary head to the Altarin to explore again. The force pulling them to do so is very strong, stronger as the full moon approaches. They brought a torch to guide them to the Altarin. The tranquility of the place gave them the feeling that their ancestors were watching them both for this purpose, a traditional ritual copied for the good of the clan. At the table, they danced together, taking off their clothes; rubbing the blessed liquid on their bodies, and began to hug tightly. Their slippery bodies united and formed into Latin symbols; first, Septem, means 7, next Gender means 6 as they pronounce Te amo …. te amo… .te amo… te amo… t.e amo…. Brando lay down on the altar table with his arms and legs spread. Mary began to caress the mans body with her slippery two hands; from his fingers to his Latin symbol on the forehead. Her saliva began to flow continuously, lengthening her sexual desire, deepening her love for this man. He licked her flower to the lips. He had to do it, as he was told to do. The creature inside her stomach is very strong for this union. The mighty creature within her belly rejoiced in this union, the fluid coming from this man gave the creature the strength to live within her. He had to clean his urges to produce plenty of fluid and to maintain the health of the creature within Marys womb.

She was able to work very well inside Brandos body and soul to release more fluid. She needs to explore and keep Brandos appetite for her as well, in order to prolong the companionship. Lubrication favored their union more time to reach their full satisfaction. Their fluidity continues to rise as high as the two want to reach. Brandos breathing kept rising which resulted in the muttering of words … Te amo…. Te amo … Te amo, until they find each other sitting in a position that is related.

They both made noise, roared, and howled loudly like werewolves. Their liquids were scattered all over the altar table, constantly flowing from their fellowship, which they did not notice, the vessel for their liquids. They exploded together in their strength and energy, then, hugged tightly while enjoying their togetherness. The spirits of their ancestors watched and rejoiced in this union, the Altarin shone showing sparkling lights coming from the ceiling down to the altar table where the new creature was formed. The air blows and rotates in motion coming from the vessel forming a dense cloud.

While James and Daniel were hiding at the foot of the Azzwang cave located in Barrio Paniki, they noticed that some people were busy building the area. ”James, they are preparing for the ritual of the full moon this coming Friday. And, I have heard that they will present the new creature for their members through a vi_gin. ”

”Daniel, was Mary a vi_gin before Brando fell in love with her? ”

”Yes James, he turned 18 last week and a vi_gin. ”

”Their child … we should… we should take good care of them. They are in danger, hurry Daniel, we should go back to tell them. Mary and Brando are in danger, they might be captured and offered in the ritual. ”

The sun began to rise as James and Daniel arrived at the couples home. ”Virginia, Virginia, where are Mary and Brando? ” Calling Daniel.

”They left together, when you left here, until now they haven come back, ” Virginia replied.

”Residents will go to the river for the identification of the symbol. They