《The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY》[The Filipino Werewolf – ALPHA MERCURY] - The New Generation - Darya Montenegro

Brando laid him down completely on the soft bed, squeezed his hands on the headboard, spread his legs fully, and headed for him. They face each other now; he pursed his lips, sucking on the lower lip like a baby and tongue like a fresh strawberry fruit as Brando inserted his eternal armor. The solitude of their bodies remained for nearly an hour which they controlled to explode. Brando wants total happiness for Mary like heaven. He extended this position so that the wetness of their private parts doubled to a hundredfold as time passed. He was breathing, holding Brandos body closer to him as his hands were buried behind his back, his legs clinging to his hips and they were raised. They dance to the music of their wild imagination and sing to the fantasy fairies of the world. As Brando continued to bombard him, she reached its climax a second time and she bit his neck.

Brando could not feel the pain but savored it to the fullest of his being. When he sees and feels, Brando wants to sp_rts that he forgets everything, all he knows is the extravagance given to him.

The sound of her hard penetration and pumping of her beauty gave height to her explosion as Brando squeezed the bed sheet and bit the pillow. As was her habit, she felt in her hand the sticky liquid of their love, a sign of the remake of the amazing happy reunion.

Brando wants everyday love and is jealous when Mary isn around, or talking to male friends. His jealousy was beyond any reason without hope on his side. Their day-to-day connection resulted in Marys pregnancy. His mind was centered only on Mary, who even in pregnancy he still wanted their daily companionship.

They don know whats going on with them, even Brando can resist his urges for Mary. Brandos mind began to deteriorate, acting violently, thinking that Mary was pregnant as the clan of Azzo, another one, similar to MERCURY, who was also a werewolf. Brando is losing his sanity because of this.

Mary gave birth to a beautiful baby but a few minutes later, Brando noticed that the baby was growing, just like MERCURY. They fled the hospital and went home because of this incident. The girls name is DARYA MONTENEGRO. Brando and Mary changed her name so that people, werewolves or vampires, or the supernatural world would not recognize her completely.


The New Generation

Barrio Anting-Anting emerged under the leadership of James Ramirez along with the Azzo Clan. They study people well and they use their abilities to improve their lives. They built subdivisions with respective lot ownership and own business. They adapted everything they learned and studied, but whatever they hide will still know their identity, and the government will know.

Over the years, the Azzo Clan has learned the modern way of living with humans. Also, the Azzwang Clan spread their community all over the Philippines.

There are inter-marriages taking place in the Azzwang and Azzo Tribes. They became a mixed community and they knew the temperament of each tribe, as it lasted.

Vampires have occupied every place in the Philippines, such as the Azzo and Azzwang Clans. Inter-marriages are also present in their communities.

People accepted them as part of their way of life. Know that from time to time, violent incidents always happen in the administration.

Each tribe has its own rules and regulations which, they are bound to obey their leaders. Vampires, too, thrive on their own modern lives and act in the government of humanity.

New generations of werewolves and vampires (as hybrids) are showing their abilities and capabilities to be the leaders of their own species. They are werewolves and the vampires they encounter, who come from the Azzwang Clan. But the leadership of James Ramirez, which is not aging, will continue to thrive along with the people.

Mary and Brandos son Mercury continued his leadership of the werewolf packs. They have individual groups all over the area that are also not aging.

Mercury separated from James Ramirez and their new home in the other Barrio. The people in the Poblacion of Hinigaran actually found out that they also live with werewolves and vampires. They already know the dos and don s of the government.

Over time humans, werewolves and vampires learn to live together, but whatever limitations they have in their personality there are still evil creatures. They live with people, humans.

Mr. Nestor is an old werewolf of the A