《Legend’s Second Chance》[Legend’s Second Chance] - ∆Chapter Nine∆

The next day, I went to school. After getting off the bus I walked to class alongside my exercise clubmates.

”Occasionally, I have the passing feeling that school is pretty useless. ”

I smiled at Gloria who had talked and I laughed.

”You may be right, but some of the information is useful to know. Its good to be educated about certain subjects. ”

William voiced his opinion:

”I think education is important no matter what you are doing. Information is important, for some subjects, because you never know when it may be useful. ”

”You practically just repeated what I said. ”

”Yes, but elegantly. ”

”Screw you. ”

”Come on boys, play nice. ”

We both looked at her and our faces turned sour. Matthew and Gavin were also there with us, but they were mostly silent.

We eventually arrived at school. History was always an interesting class. We were talking about Roman civilization today.

”Romans modernized the world. Their military was unmatched. They had good architecture and great generals for the most part. Rome started out as a small town-like entity. Eventually it became bigger by means of its war efforts. ”

Savannah, the teacher, continued to talk about Rome for the rest of the class. I listened particularly to the famous generals because I figured that it was a good possibility that other Legends had been brought back to life like me.


At lunch, I sat down at an empty table. Matthew, Gavin, and Gloria all came over and sat by me. I had told them in PE that we should all eat together and they had agreed. I had something that I wanted to discuss with each of them.

”Hello my fellow classmates, it is a pleasure to meet all of you in a passive setting. I have a question for all of you. Do you want to become stronger? Not just because you can, but because it is what you feel you must do to protect those around you? ”

They all thought about it for a moment and nodded their heads in affirmation. I continued with my proposition.

”I talked to our PE teacher after class about a school sanctioned club. To have a club, you must have a teacher who vouches for your group and helps to manage the finances given to your group by the school. Bruce agreed, if I was the leader and you were the members, that he would vouch for us. ”

”A club, but I am already in the swim club. ”

I replied to Gloria.

”You can be in more than one, I asked Bruce. ”

”Okay, Ill join. ”

I stared at Gavin, who stared back piercingly and said:

”Ill join I suppose, but you had better not call us spartans. ”

I frowned, I had totally been planning on it.

”Why not? ”

”You seem to be sticking to that joke a little too much. If you want to make an exercise club, It should not be a joke, but an iron standard of strength and unwavering will. ”

”I understand where you are coming from I suppose. It is a new era for me afterall. ”

”What do you mean, no actually, I don care. I will join if you let me choose the name. ”

I was a little annoyed by the audacity of the grim child before me, but I decided it wouldn be such a bad thing.

”Fine, but I will have to agree with it. ”

”Your terms are acceptable. I already have a proposition, how about we call ourselves the wolverines. They are ferocious beasts that can challenge animals much larger than themselves. They are fearless. ”

”I suppose that is an acceptable name, but I still think that spartans would have been better. Matthew, how about you? ”

He looked at me and laughed.

”Of course Ill join. You are a leader who I expect will lead by example. Just from that one game, I have seen that whoever follows you will never be bullied. ”

I nodded my head. My team had gathered and I was happy. I opened my lunch box and started to eat. My mom had packed me a carton of milk and some slabs of pork. It was a protein heavy meal, my favo