《Legend’s Second Chance》[Legend’s Second Chance] - ∆Chapter Three∆(2)

lly it had extremely cheap ammunition because the bullets were very small. Therefore, it couldn really kill anything beyond a squirrel without getting very lucky.

I was a little annoyed with the fact that I had only been able to shoot a Twenty-two, but I was consoled when my parents gave me a book on all sorts of firearms for my birthday.

Regardless of all my achievements, I was treated like someone who could not tie their own shoe laces by my teachers at preschool. They wanted us to draw, play ridiculous games which were pointless, and sleep. However, I adamantly deigned not to do any of those things. Instead I exercised in the corner away from all the other children. I was taller and more muscular than any of the other children. I already had a six pack and my biceps bulged whenever I flexed them.

The preschool teachers, more like guardians, were watching me intently. They thought I was too extreme. They came over to me and asked me to stop. I ignored them.

After I finished my workout, I went up and asked one of the teachers for something with protein.

”Hello, I would like some meat or something with good protein. ”

”Well, we have some cheese puffs. ”

”That has no protein in it. Are you trying to make me fat? ”

”No, we just really don have anything besides that. ”

”I thought I was supposed to learn something. ”

”Well you never gave us the chance to teach you anything. ”

”Im giving you a chance now. If you teach me nothing, then I will inform my parents that coming here was a waste of time and money. ”

”You are surprisingly smart for your age, but you are also too arrogant. ”

”I don want your condescension. ”

The teacher brought me over to a little desk, gave me a piece of paper, and a writing utensil.

”Write all the letters of the alphabet that are listed on the wall over there. ”

It took me several minutes, but I did as she said.

”Th-that is excellent form! ”

”I know. I can also say the alphabet backwards without looking at that poster. ”

I then listed the whole alphabet out backwards. It had been tough to learn the English alphabet since Greek does have a lot of different figures, but I succeeded. I worked so hard on this sort of thing so that I could read my book about firearms.

The teacher had stared at me as though she was looking at a bar of gold. I did not particularly care for her stare, so I slept for the rest of the day.

Eventually, my parents picked me up and I told them that preschool truly was a waste of time and money. I then explained to them why that was the case.

”That preschool really is dreadful. Not only were there no protein filled meals, but there was nothing to do or learn there. The other kids were playing games, may Zeus strike them all down. ”

Max arched his eyebrows and replied.

”We can see why it would be boring for you, but we wanted you to meet friends. ”

”That is a lousy excuse. Why should I make friends with weaklings? ”

”Fine, youve seen through us, we wanted you to go to preschool so that we don always have to babysit you. ”

”Why not just leave me home. Preschool is a waste of your money with how well you have both taught me. ”

I knew how to flatter, but I was not proud of it.

”Thats my genius boy! ”

Screamed his mother in the car.

”Max, we should totally just leave him home and have him study math. ”

Max laughed at Helen and responded with tears in his eyes.

”You really are cruel, but that is a very good idea. ”

I did not understand what I had gotten myself into at the time, but I soon would come to know the horrors of math.