《Legend’s Second Chance》[Legend’s Second Chance] - ∆Chapter Two∆(2)

ulled away from me. Her face turned beet red and she stared at me with a glare that meant death.

Max and Helen were extremely angered as well and they grabbed me and brought me back to my crib prison.

It was supposed to be the day where I was celebrated, but instead I was put in time out for simply implementing my harmless plan. This event had made me bitter. I would never forget the disgrace my parents had made me suffer.

However, there was a silver lining to the fact that I was left alone, for it meant that I could work out.

As I was going through my rigorous routine, a face peered over at me.

”Helen, Max, come here fast! He is doing push-ups in his crib! ”

”Oh-hum he often does that. ”

”Really, that is so funny. Why have you never told me this? ”

”I thought I had. Well now you know. ”

It was a sore spot for Max who had responded to David, his brother. Davids wife, Sarah walked over to the crib and looked over at Leon to talk to him.

”Come on Leon, you can do it. Show us another pushup! ”

”No wanna! ”

I shook my head vigorously and replied with my limited English vocabulary. Though she looked disappointed, she turned back to the group of adults behind her and talked to them.

”He really is cute. You guys have a funny kid. ”

Helen chuckled nervously as though her nerves had been frayed and responded.

”Yeah he really is funny isn he. ”

Helen and Sarah conversed further about how Sarah had become pregnant. I really did not understand what that meant though, so I disregarded their conversation and instead listened to my father and uncle talk.

”Have yall guys been shooting lately? ”

”Me and Helen have not been shooting since we had Leon. Between work and taking care of him it has been pretty rough. ”

”That is truly horrifying. You know just me and you could go out now. ”

”I suppose, It really has been a long time. ”

”Hey Honey, Helen, Max here has something to ask you guys. ”

They both turned their heads abruptly, extremely annoyed that they had been interrupted.

”What is it! ”

Said Sarah. Max replied, looking at Helen nervously.

”Well you see… ”

”Spit it out man! ”

He sighed and said.

”Well, me and David were wondering if we could go to the shooting range. ”

The womens eyes narrowed to slits as they stared at their respective spouses.

”Without us! ”

They both simultaneously yelled.

”Well we would have to take Leon with us if we all went. ”

Sarah remained silent this time and stared at Helen, it all depended on what she said.

”Awh hell, hes one and breathing some gunpowder in will probably put some hair on his chest! ”

The men were extremely happy and ran off like madmen to grab their firearms before their wives could change their minds.