《Legend’s Second Chance》[Legend’s Second Chance] - ∆Chapter Two∆

I saw the bag of dried meat several feet above me and I continued to jump for it unsuccessfully. I could only condemn my own weakness. I needed that meat to strengthen my muscles, but I could not reach it because I was not strong enough. It was a profound conundrum.

My mother pushed me from the pantry with a scowl and said something which I did not understand.

Although they had taught me some simple words of certain items, I would never say the two words it seemed they wanted me to say the most. I would never apologize to them.

I was now six months old, I had grown several inches, and I was no longer fat. My parents made sure to feed me well, but I didn mind scavenging food for myself when I became hungry. They often fretted about the fact that I was not plump as most of the other children around us were. I simply did not understand this. Did they want a weak son?

My parents eventually stopped trying to make me say mom and dad and instead made me try to say Max and Helen. I repeated the words back to them and they were very happy. I thought it would be useful to be able to call my parents by their names, but I did not particularly care too much.

Helen loved to make me draw on pieces of inscribing material very similar to papyrus. They called the material paper. I certainly had no experience with this sort of thing, but I found it amusing to draw little scribbles of men covered in blood. Obviously the drawings could hardly be recognized as that, but I loved pulling up images of dead men in my mind.

If my mother could figure out what my scribbles were, she certainly would be horrified.


On the commemoration of the day that I had been born, my parents had a little celebration. They called the celebration a birthday. I was happy because they made a small little meat cake for me and had red streamers all around the house. They knew me all too well, I love meat and I love the color red. At that moment, I was satisfied and subconsciously thought that my parents were grand.

I thought that until the doorbell rang. My relatives were intruding upon my privacy. They always made me angry because they pinched me in the cheeks or rubbed my hair condescendingly.

When Max let them in the doors I had quickly mustered my senses and prepared myself for mental and perhaps physical warfare if things started becoming unbearable. Though I was small, I knew the ways in which to harm a being much larger than myself. Especially for a fellow man.

”Oh he is so cute! Come here Leon, hug your aunt! ”

I had, with malicious intent, gathered meat cake in my palms and proceeded to smear it over her shirt as I hugged her. I was a master at deception and I looked perfectly innocent. Though it was certainly wasteful, it is always vital to use the weapons at your disposal in times of need.

My aunt was aghast and she p