《Legend’s Second Chance》[Legend’s Second Chance] - ∆Chapter Ten∆

I strode through the mist laden air. I was undergoing the Spartan test where I had to kill a slave. It was an initiation of sorts for Spartans. I had to kill the slave and not alert its master. If my sneak attack failed I would be beaten by my family because they would have to pay for the slave. This sort of test was commonplace for Spartan younglings.

I was getting closer to the little shed where my target lay sleeping. As I got closer, I crawled to the shed. The ground was damp, so the foliage made a very small amount of noise.

I felt a horrible stinging pain as a scorpion stung me in the foot. I made no sound, but I flinched. I disregarded the pain as I continued towards the shed.

When I reached the door, I slowly opened it. A girl lay on some straw inside. I hesitated for a mere moment. I shook my head and steeled myself as I turned her over. She yawned for a moment and opened her eyes.

Before she could register what was happening, my blade had slid across her throat. Her eyes bulged and her mouth opened wide as she tried to scream. The only sound that escaped from her throat was a low hissing noise. Warm blood flowed from her neck, staining the straw red.

I had to take her head back to my father. It took several minutes as I hacked away with my small knife. The hardest part was the spine. To break it, I had to jump on her neck multiple times.

When I had the head in my hand, I ran from the shed, for I no longer cared about being quiet.


My alarm brought me from my dream and into reality. I hit the glowing blue snooze button with my hand. I jumped out of bed and canceled the alarm. As I stumbled down the steps. It was dark which was surprising since it was ten in the morning. All the blinds had apparently been pulled down.

Suddenly, the lights turned on all around me which made me blink rapidly. At the same time, horns blared all around me. I nearly punched Helen, but stopped right as my fist was about to connect with her face.

”H-hey, Leon. Happy Birthday! ”

I sighed, I had almost hit my mother. She didn seem too terribly phased by it, but perhaps that was just good acting on her part.

”Its the weekend, so David and Sarah and their kid were able to come too. ”

”Yeah we came. It took a long time to come from Tennessee to Texas, but here we are. We because you got a special present this year. ”

I stared at my family and yawned.

”Im hungry, so lets eat first. ”

Max, who had been silent the whole time gave me the thumbs up.

”Thats the best idea Ive heard in a long time, from you. ”

My dad was being slightly passive aggressive since he had apparently been waiting several hours for me to eat.

We all gathered around the table and started to eat. Everyone was ravenously hungry, so the